You’re a twit

I joined Twitter about a month ago and have “tweeted” a few times. I find it useless and I tried to deactivate my account, and it wouldn’t let me. It told my that Twitter was going through some things and I would have to try later. Or I just won’t sign back in. Either way, I’m done with it.

I don’t find it useful. In fact, I find it idiotic. Why should I be capped at 140 characters of thought? Isn’t that the problem with our thought-processes anyways? We have to think in short statements of fact or opinion. Why do we not enjoy long, thought-out stories or ideas? Why should we not reward curiosity and deconstruction of complex thoughts? Continue reading

The Isolation in Geekhood

After watching the Battlestar Galactica finale last night, which was fantastic, I realized I am missing something: geek friends to discuss geek matters with. Whether it’s after an episode of Lost, an issue of Action Comics, or some philosophical/scientific theory that will pop into my head, I have to hold onto the information. Or I can write it down in an entry on this website. Continue reading

The Visitor

The VisitorI wanted to see this movie for Richard Jenkins’ performance, but ended up really liking the entire story. It was a bit heavy handed with its critiques of the immigration policy in this country, but some heavy handedness may be useful in the discussion. Overall, a good movie with a gentle plot and an interesting academic (yes, he is searching for a real purpose, but get over that).

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Not the Type of Imagine That Lennon Predicted

Tonight, Jim Cramer will appear on The Daily Show to finish the epic basic cable war of words. In all of Mr. Cramer’s defenses of his show, he always seems to defend himself using a “let’s see him do better” or “I did my best”. But the problem isn’t that he was wrong or that he didn’t see the cancer within our banking system. The problem is he likes the perception that he can predict the market. His entire show is based on the idea that he can predict what can happen and what stocks will provide you with the best gains. He needs that image to keep his show afloat.

His problem with Jon Stewart revolves around the loss of this perception. He cannot say he can predict the market if he makes that many mistakes. A prognosticator cannot survive if he failed. And Jim Cramer failed. So, now he has to rehab his image.

I blame most of our current economic and social issues off of perception. We cannot continue to only care about what things look like or what it looks like we are. Look at Bernie Madoff or Bears Stearns. Everything was an illusion of success. But the problem with illusions is that they are not there.

I found two horrible examples of this today.

Is Time Wasting Key To U.S. Productivity?

How can we be proud of a country where we are told to “look busy”? I thought America was based off of the idea of unlimited potential based on work ethic. Now, we’re being told that if you don’t want to get laid off, just spray some water on your face and show up late to meetings so it seems like you are too busy to be on time or to slow down.  Great idea Sun-Sentinel!

I Don’t Want An Ugly Baby!

What would you think if your significant other was concerned that you were not attractive enough to reproduce? And what the hell does that mean? Besides a complete disregard of human decency, why should someone who thinks this way be reproducing? If you are dating a person that you think is ugly, look in the mirror.  I would rather have an ugly baby than a baby who was pretentious.

The perception of a person, whether it is the car they drive, the nose on their face, or how well they predict stocks, does not mean a damn thing. We cannot continue to follow willingly behind a pundit. We cannot live outside of our means so it appears that we are rich. And we cannot only focus on the attractiveness of a human being.

If you have a company that is hemorrhaging money, you must say so. If you cannot afford a mortgage for a house you just bought, you have to say so.  If you are lazy and don’t want to work hard, you have to say so. Otherwise, you are just an illusion. And one day, we will see through you.

Man on Wire


Fantastic look at a man trying to achieve a personal goal; no matter the consequentes.  On August 7, 1974 (8 years before I was born), Phillipe Petit crossed the gap between the World Trade Center. This documentary shows trials and tribulations of the impossible task with the people involved and spectacular videos of his test runs and previous feats.

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I’m Something.

When I was growing up, I thought some things just happened, meaning that I didn’t have to work for it. I figured I would get taller. I believed that pectoral muscles, like breasts, just appeared one day and therefore all the girls would stare at my chest in the same way that I stared at theirs. Unfortunately, this never happened.

And the third thing was that love just happened; that a girl would walk up to me and asks me out. This also never happened. I think I have a better chance of developing breasts. Continue reading

The Beginning

As I have posted on Facebook a few weeks back, I have now registered a website for my musings and such.  I will slowly be adding pages here that will cover the gamut of my writings. The future will have:

A Forway into Fiction

The Multiplex

Listen, My Friends

The Happy Medium

A Literal Corner

Wading into the Potomac

I will be exploring all of this in the coming weeks. I’m hoping to have fun with it and most of all, I’m hoping to get a few friends involved.

Now that this is the beginning. I look forward to the next steps.