Into The Wild

I have had this movie sitting on our DVD player for about a month now from Netflix. I just couldn’t get the 2.5 hours to watch it. I also was not too enthusiastic about watching it.

I read the book before the movie came out. And I have the same thoughts about the movie as I had the book. None of my criticism is movie related.

I do not believe in the philosophy. I have a different worldview from Alexander Supertramp or Christopher McCandless. At one point in the movie, he comments to Hal Holbrooke about the inferiority of human relationships over one’s relationship with adventure and nature.

But we would not even know his story if it were not for the human relations. I believe all we are are our human relations. When I die, I am pretty sure my experiences and what I have learned dies with me. It is not passed on to someone else or to anything without me giving it to someone else. Continue reading

He’s A Celebrity?

I wanted to see Rod Blagojevich on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Why? I wanted to witness the insanity of this cartoon character who was a twice elected public official kicked out of office for horrible corruption wandering through the rainforest.

Yes, I know his crimes are horrible and he put my home state through a lot of crap, but think about all the tasks he would have to do. And the consequences of the trip. It would answer so many questions about his personality and his thought-processes. Continue reading


Today, lots of news occurred here in Chicago. The Bears got a quarterback, our Governor was indicted, and the International Olympic Committee is touring the city (good timing with the indictment). But the story that got under my skin, as usual, was political.

Cardinal George has announced that Notre Dame’s invitation to the sitting president to speak at commencement is an extreme embarrassment. Continue reading